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Pneumatically Actuated Gates

The Obermeyer Spillway Gate system is a patented bottom hinged spillway gate with many unique attributes that include:

  • Accurate automatic pond level control even under power failure conditions.
  • Modular design that simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Unlike hydraulic spillway gates, Obermeyer gates are supported for their entire width by an inflatable air bladder, resulting in simple foundation requirements and a cost effective, efficient gate structure.
  • Thin profile efficiently passes flood flows, ice and debris.
  • No intermediate piers are required.
  • Obermeyer Spillway gates are a great investment due to low installation cost, decreased maintenance, and increased revenue through optimized head.
  • These features are the result of combining rugged steel gate panels with a resilient pneumatic support system.

The versatility of Obermeyer spillway gates is coupled with Obermeyer Hydro's extensive engineering knowledge and experience to provide a solution for many diverse needs. Some of the diverse applications are shown below.

Spillway Gate Applications

  • Water Storage

    Obermeyer Spillway Gates allow increased water storage capacity at new or existing reservoirs with little or no decrease in spillway capacity.

  • Hydropower

    Extra head, provided by Obermeyer gates, results in increased power production by maintaining maximum allowable pond elevations at all times. Although head can be increased temporarily by use of flashboards, our gates offer many advantages:

  • Irrigation

    The precise level and flow control provided by the Obermeyer Gate System facilitates controlled water diversion at rivers without fluctuations in diverted flow caused by river flow changes.

  • Spillway Capacity Upgrades and Flood Management

    Spillway capacity is preserved as the low profile of the Obermeyer Gate System allows efficient passage of flood flows without any significant increase in flood pond elevation. This prevents dangerous overtopping of dam embankments or flood damage to upstream properties.

  • Diversion

    Obermeyer spillway gates are well suited for use as water diversion structures in rivers and streams. Water diversion applications include pumping stations for municipal water supply, irrigation, and off-stream storage, for example.

  • Fish Passage and Environmental Mitigation

    The Obermeyer Spillway Gate System may be configured for independent operation of various gate sections. This allows fish-way attraction flows from the spillway, to be directed to fish ladders with a minimum amount of water.

  • Cold Climate Water Control

    Obermeyer spillway gates are successfully used in extremely cold climates such as the Northern United States including Alaska as well as Canada and Iceland. The flexible gate panel support provided by the air bladders allows passage of large sheets of ice.

  • Navigation

    Obermeyer Spillway Gates are ideal for low head navigation impoundments. Under high flow conditions, with water levels that allow barge traffic, the lack of intermediate piers enhances the safety of barge traffic going over the gates.

  • Recreation

    Aesthetically pleasing impoundments created with Obermeyer Spillway Gates in otherwise fluctuating stream channels create a stable aquatic habitat and provide recreational opportunities for fishing, boating swimming, skating.

  • Urban Waterscapes

    Obermeyer gates control the water level of urban water features, providing a unique combination of water aesthetics and flood safety.
    (Knostrop photo courtesy of Paul White)

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