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Inflatable Dams

Obermeyer Hydro endeavors to design and supply the very highest quality inflatable dams available. Made in the United States, Obermeyer inflatable dams are supported by extensive engineering analysis and are custom designed to incorporate seamless construction, steel reinforcement (as standard), minimized stress concentrations, minimal or zero creases, robust flow separation control, and superior clamping.

Applications include replacement of legacy rubber dams and new installations where the precise flow and level control of Obermeyer pneumatically operated spillway gates are not required. Legacy clamping systems may be reused or, alternatively, the superior self tightening Obermeyer wedge clamp system may be fitted to existing anchor bolts. Additional applications include groundwater recharge, water quality check structures, waste water control structures, hydropower impoundments, and for use in combination Obermeyer pneumatically operated spillway gates.

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