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Obermeyer spillway gates are well suited for use as water diversion structures in rivers and streams. Water diversion applications include pumping stations for municipal water supply, irrigation, and off-stream storage, for example. Examples of gravity diversions including municpal water supply, irrigation canal intakes, hydropower plant intakes, ground water recharge basins, waterfowl reservations, etc.

Diversion schemes designed around Obermeyer gates may incorporate long spans with no intermediate piers, resulting in maximized flood flow capacity and minimal project cost. This time proven solution provides great flexibility in sediment transport control as well as precise and automatic water level control, positioning it as the preferred technology for water diversion projects. Required instream flows may be precisely measured with the gate system itself and automatically regulated. Automatic controlled lowering during flood events prevents upstream flooding and periodically clears the impoundment of sediment. The system may also be configured to facilitate fish passage.

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